3 key elements 

All our work is based on three essential elements: discover, engage and transform.   


1. Discover

Most membership organisations carry out some research, but typically the same members respond and the results provide little valuable insight. We believe the views of the less engaged majority are critical, and we engage with them using a more searching dialogue.

Using both quantitative and qualitative research – often combined with wider sector research – we drill down deep into the results to reveal the perceptions of both members and non-members. We can also compare your organisation with other, similar, organisations, based on the vast range of benchmarking data we hold. A further step can be to undertake detailed on-site reviews of how you work.

All these approaches – and more – build a detailed, objective picture of your challenges.


2. Engage

Getting to grips with the issues your members face is best done by speaking to them – getting to know them.

Hall Associates actually pioneered the idea of calling members of professional bodies, and today it is common practice. But let’s be clear: we don’t take the same approach as a call centre. Our team are experts. If you’re looking for the cheapest price per call, that’s not how we work.

Our calls are high value interventions with a proven return. We understand how members think, we know the big picture, and we have in-depth conversations with them. As a result we discover a wide range of important insights.


3. Transform

Once we’re clear on the challenges you face, we can put a strategy in place. Based on our long experience of what works and what doesn’t, we can recommend approaches you may not have considered.

These might include making your benefits more attractive. It might include overhauling the whole process of joining, and rethinking levels of membership. It might mean introducing new ways of working, retraining your team, or using new tools. We can work closely with you to help manage change. Whatever the process involves, we would expect you to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

Ultimately we aim to leave you in a better place, fully capable of delivering success yourselves, without needing our help.


A complete range of services


Comparing your organisation with others.

Membership journey reviews
Discovering how efficiently you are performing.

Benefits review
Identifying benefits your members want.

Sector research
Discovering unfolding changes.

Change management
Supporting a seamless transition.

Feasibility studies
Testing the ROI of new approaches. 

Future proofing
Assessing your upcoming opportunities.

Telephone based engagement
Having conversations with members.

Renewal and retention
Ensuring members renew on time.

Identifying and engaging your best prospects.  

Lost members
Tracking down and re-engaging lapsed members.

Encouraging members to upgrade membership.

Discovering what members think.

Health checks
Assessing how you are working.



Our approach

We do everything a call centre does, but we do it intelligently. And we do far more besides. The proof that our services work? We charge performance related fees – which means we take the risk while you enjoy the benefits.