We can work with you to establish a pragmatic strategy for both stabilising and growing your membership. This does not mean throwing away all your processes and starting from scratch: we are not in the software business and will not try and sell you a new system, we can help you to do more with what you have.

Areas we regularly tackle include:

  • Looking at how your members’ behaviours and needs are changing
  • Developing your value proposition; what’s in it for the member?
  • Identifying the stumbling blocks along the membership journey
  • Establishing a best practice plan for staying in touch with your members
  • Thinking outside the box – for example to recruit new kinds of members, or reassessing how you position and price your membership offering
  • Doing it for you or training your team

Whether you want us to do a specific task or you need to take a good look at your whole approach, we will give focused, practical and cost effective assistance. We deliver results, not just advice.