The REME Association has worked with Hall Associates over the past year to determine and begin to deliver a viable future role and organisation for the Association. The support provided by Hall Associates has exceeded our expectations. Their uniquely wide and detailed experience of working with ‘membership organisations’ enabled them to provide us with a clear picture of the issues we faced and to provide objective, fact-based, insights. They worked in a close, positive, partnership with us to set out a realistic and practical way forward; they also helped enormously with the ‘hearts and minds’ campaign, making the case for change convincingly and with commendable persistence. Their team is excellent - they are good people to have alongside. To be frank, we tried to address the issues on our own and we failed; we still have a great deal to do but we would not have made it thus far without the assistance of Hall Associates.

Lieutenant General AC Figgures CB CBE, Master General REME