Each month we talk to more than 5,000 members across all sectors, giving us an in-depth, continuously updated knowledge of exactly what members are thinking and feeling. Our clients include professional bodies, trade associations and charities – all kinds of members, at every level of interest and commitment.

It’s clear to us that members’ needs are changing, but many membership organisations simply aren’t keeping up.

We have been operating for over 15 years and have amassed a huge body of experience and a vast volume of data. We know what works today and what doesn't, the way in which needs, behaviours and opinions are changing, the challenges of new kinds of media, networks and sources of information – and what the right solutions are for these different kinds of problems.

By keeping our focus on membership and membership alone, we know we can help membership organisations adapt to these hignly challenging circumstances.


The team

Hall Associates is a close knit team that’s big enough to undertake substantial membership campaigns but small enough to work closely together and share everything we learn. We are structured as a team, not a hierarchy: we are all experienced experts, not just one or two at the top.

We believe we have more contact with ‘members’ of all shapes and sizes than any other group of people.